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Tomato – Hybrids

March 8, 2014 @ 9:26 pm

Sunset has long been known for its GIANT tomato starts. Plant these in a sunny spot and support the vines as they grow. Feed at planting time with a tomato fertilizer, when the flowers begin to bloom, and again when the fruit sets. We offer both hybrid and heirloom types for a total of 20 varieties. Hybrids are listed below. Tip: If you are a beginner smaller paste or cherry type tomatoes are easier to grow.

Indeterminate vines will get tall so plan to stake them. Their fruit also develops progressively so you can harvest over several months. Determinate vines tend to be more compact but most will still need support.  Determinate vines won’t need pruning.  The fruit and blossoms develop on the vine at the same time. So, harvest time is short– around 10 days. The vines are popular with people who want to can or preserve their tomatoes in one go. Example: Making sauce or salsa.

“Slicing” Tomatoes:

  • Beefmaster 80 days, 20 ounces!, Indeterminate
  • Better Boy 75 days, 8 ounces, Indeterminate
  • Better Bush 75 days, 5 ounces, Determinate (compact 3ft tall)
  • Big Beef 75 days, 10-12 ounces, Indeterminate (Beefsteak type)
  • Celebrity 75 days, 8 ounces, Determinate
  • Champion 65 days, 10 ounces, Indeterminate (High yielding)
  • Early Girl 60 days, 6 ounces, Indeterminate (Popular! Our earliest slicer)
  • Husky Red 70 days, 7 ounces, Determinate (Compact, Great for containers)
  • Lemon Boy 70 days, 7 ounces, Indeterminate (Yellow, juicy/sweet medium size slicer)
  • Patio 70 days, 4 ounces, Determinate (Very compact, great for containers)
  • Super Fantastic 70 days, 10 ounces, Indeterminate (High yielding, meaty fruit)
Tomato Beefmaster
Photo Courtesy EPlant Source
Tomato Better Boy
Better Boy
Photo Courtesy EPlant Source
Tomato Better Bush
Better Bush
Photo Courtesy Syngenta via BHC
Tomato Big Beef
Big Beef
Photo Courtesy Seminis via BHC
Tomato Celebrity
Photo Courtesy Seminis via BHC
Tomato Champion II
Champion II
Photo Courtesy Seminis via BHC
Tomato Early Girl
Early Girl
Photo Courtesy Plug Connection
Tomato Super Fantastic
Super Fantastic
Photo Courtesy Ball Horticultural Company
Lemon Boy
Lemon Boy
Photo Courtesy Ivy Garth
Tomato Patio
Photo Courtesy Seminis via BHC























Cherry, Paste & Grape Tomatoes

  • Juliet 60 days, 1 ounce, Indeterminate (Grape type tomato, High yields, deep flavor)
  • Roma 75 days, 2 ounces, Determinate (Plum/paste type tomato, meaty with few seeds)
  • Sun Gold 55 days, 1/2 ounce, Indeterminate (Orange cherry type, prolific and sweet, low acid)
  • Sun Sugar 75 days Indeterminate (Orange sweet/tart cherry that can produce hundreds of tomatoes)
  • Sweet 100 65 days, 1 ounce, Indeterminate (1″ round cherry type tomato, High yielding)
  • Sweet Baby Girl 65 days, 1″, Inderterminate (1″ sweet cherry clusters, High yielding)
Tomato Juliet
Photo Courtesy Ball Horticultural Company
Tomato Roma Paste
Roma Paste
Photo Courtesy Genesis via BHC
Tomato Supersweet 100
Supersweet 100
Photo Courtesy Syngenta via BHC