Tomato Heirloom

Tomato – Heirloom

March 12, 2014 @ 4:03 pm

Heirloom tomatoes continue to have a following for their taste.  We’ve got both heirloom slicers and cherry types.

Heirloom Varieties:

  • Black Cherry: 65 days, 1 ounce, Indeterminate (Dark, rich flavor)
  • Cherokee Purple: 75-90 days, 10 ounce fruit, Indeterminate (Tasty purple/brown flesh)
  • Mortgage Lifter: 80 days, Up to 24 ounce fruit! (Rich, meaty beefsteak type) Indeterminate
  • Yellow Pear: 75 days, 1 ounce, Determinate (Cherry-sized, pear shaped, bright yellow fruit)
Tomato Yellow Pear
Yellow Pear
Photo Courtesy Seeds by Design via BHC
Black Cherry
Black Cherry
Photo Courtesy Ivy Garth
Tomato Cherokee Purple
Cherokee Purple
Photo Courtesy Terra Organic via BHC
Tomato Mortgage Lifter
Mortgage Lifter
Photo Courtesy Seeds by Design via BHC