April 18, 2016 @ 4:11 pm

Cut seed potatoes so that each piece has 2-3 eyes. Allow to air dry 4-5 days before planting. They can be started indoors in a container, placing potato just below soil level. The container and garden soil should be loose and drain easily. Transplant outdoors when all chances of frost have past. Or plant directly in the garden 2-4” deep, cover with leaves or mulch 2-3 weeks before last frost date. Keep the soil uniformly moist but not soggy- don’t allow the plants to dry out. After the plants bloom (July or August) cut back somewhat on the water. The plants will begin to decline. Check roots to see how big the tubers are. Harvest when they are desirable size or allow them to hold in the ground. Harvest all before the ground freezes!

Author Jen Pelto Category How-Tos