Vegetables: Create A Backyard Harvest

Mixed Veggies
Our backyard harvest grown from Sunset’s veggie plants

Short-season varieties are grown on site.  From the weird to the wonderful…we strive to give you choices that you won’t find elsewhere.   Why do people often tell us Sunset’s plants grow better in their gardens?  For starters, we incorporate a slow release fertilizer into our soil—which aids initial growth and helps plants transition easier to your garden. Many of our cold-season vegetables are also hardened off so that their tender leaves ‘toughen up’ to cooler temps. By the time you get them from us, they are ready to GET GROWING in your garden.

Vegetable plants are either ‘cool season’ or ‘warm season.’ Cool season crops will grow and develop early. Although specific planting times vary, a guideline is from Mid-April to Early May depending on your elevation. Plant your warm season crops a week after the last frost or when nights are consistently 50 deg or more.  Preview our current season’s offerings from the links below.

FRUIT:  We also offer a few fruits including strawberries, muskmelon and watermelon.

Warm Season Vegetables

Cool Season Vegetables