April 18, 2016 @ 3:55 pm

Garlic is a bulb that usually is planted late summer/early fall and harvested the following summer or fall depending on the variety. Ideally when they are planted they will have time to root in sufficiently to endure the winter and late enough in the season to avoid tall green shoots that could freeze. They can be planted early spring and harvested late fall- but may not reach their full potential. Garlic is grown all around the world! Hardneck varieties are hardier and best for this region.
Soil should be rich in organic matter but should drain easily (especially if there’s consistent moisture during the winter). During the summer a light mulch layer of leaves or clean grass clippings on the soil can prevent the soil from moisture extremes. The bulb or cloves need to be broken into individual segments. The tip of the clove goes just slightly under the soil level, green sprout (or pointed side) up.

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