Dianthus Tiny Rubies


March 13, 2016 @ 4:32 am

Dianthus brings much charm to the Spring and early Summer garden.  Also called “Sweet William” and “Pinks”, they are an easy plant to grow and offer a wide color range.  Most are also fragrant.  Sheer them after the first flush of flowers to encourage a second showing in late Summer.  Likes well-drained soil. Drought tolerant. Can be used as a cutflower.

Exposure: Sun

Bloom Time:  Late Spring to Summer


  • Tiny Rubies:  4″H x 10″W.  Profuse pink blooms.  Zone 3.
  • Brilliancy: 4″-6″H x 10″W.  Deep red/magenta blooms.  Zone 4.
Dianthus Tiny Rubies
Dianthus Tiny Rubies
Photo Courtesy Gulleys