Dead Nettle White Nancy

Dead Nettle

April 29, 2017 @ 9:24 pm

Lamium forms a bushy groundcover and offers colorful leaves and spring blooms for a deep shade or morning sun location.  It is also a lovely addition to shady containers or hanging baskets.  Just plant it in the ground in late Summer or early Fall if you would like to overwinter it.  Regular watering will help it establish quickly.

Exposure: Shade, Morning Sun

Bloom Time:  Spring


  • Golden Anniversary: 6″H x 18″W.  Zone 4.  Showy yellow green leaves and lavender flowers.
  • Lami Mega Purple  6″H x 18″W.  Zone 5.  Silver leaves with lavender flowers.
  • White Nancy: 6″H x 18″W.  Zone 4.  White blossoms and distinctly silver leaves.
Dead Nettle White Nancy
White Nancy
Photo Courtesy EPlant Source
Dead Nettle Lami Mega Purple
Lami Mega Purple
Photo Courtesy EPlant Source
Dead Nettle Golden Anniversary
Golden Anniversary
Photo Courtesy EPlant Source