Bergenia Flirt


April 29, 2017 @ 10:35 pm

Bergenia, also known as Pig Squeak, is a hardy perennial grown for its thick leaves that are green in summer and deeper tones in fall.  Magenta flower spikes appear in Spring.  Though these plants are short, the flowers are showy.   Very pretty when paired with other late spring bloomers (geum, icelandic poppies, turkish veronica, golden creeping jenny).

Exposure: Sun to Part Sun

Bloom Time: Spring


  • Flirt:  6″ H x 9″W.  A miniature Bergenia – ‘Flirt’ is cute as a button with clean shiny foliage and short stems of large deep pink flowers in a very showy spring display. A one year old clump of Bergenia ‘Flirt’ had over thirty flower spikes in the spring! Winter leaves are clean and shiny and almost black.  Zone 4.
Bergenia Flirt
Bergenia Flirt
Photo Courtesy EPlant Source