Basil Italian Large Leaf


February 14, 2014 @ 4:48 pm

Basil may be our most popular herb. It’s simple to grow as long as you don’t plant too soon as it does not like cold weather! Plant it after the soil has warmed and give it lots of sun. The most popular are the Italian/Genovese types used in all kinds of Italian dishes… and of course pesto! However, lemon, purple and Siam offer unique flavors that are fun to experiment with. Hint: For best flavor, keep flowers pinched.


  • African Blue
  • Balsamic Blooms
  • Genovese
  • Genovese Red Freddy
  • Italian Large Leaf
  • Lemon
  • Pesto Perpetuo (pretty variegated leaves!)
  • Siam Queen (Thai type)
Basil Siam Queen
Siam Queen
Photo Courtesy AAS
Basil Pesto Perpetuo
Pesto Perpetuo
Basil Genovese






Basil Italian Large Leaf
Italian Large Leaf
Basil African Blue
Basil African Blue
Photo Courtesy EPlant Source

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